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History of Food and Agriculture

Food and agriculture are two sides of the same coin. However, historical record has demonstrated that the quest for food had evolved before the invention of agricultural practices (read more).

Food Pyramid

Before preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is always best to understand the basic nutritional requirements for human body. A simple representation of the nutritional requirement can be represented in a form of Food Pyramid structure (read more).

Food sources

Food can be obtained from almost any part of the world, except for certain extreme regions, such as in the very deep bottom of the ocean, or the highest peak of snowy mountains (read more).

Introduction to Food and Agriculture (read more)

Good and healthy food is not a jargon, it is a life style, a decision that we make to get a valuable and sustain life. Consuming food is not for the sake of the taste that will last for only a few seconds during its journey through our mouth to the digestive system. Food that we consume will generate energy and many precursor molecules for the synthesis of many important macromolecules required to sustain the life of the cells and thus our body. What we consume will determine whether we will have a healthy, strong and beautiful body, or just a waste bin that creates many blockages in the blood artery and end ups in stroke, heart attack, or any physiological problems.

What is Food ?

Food is generally classified as anything in any form, liquid, solid, or semi-solid, that will give nutrition and nourish the body when it is consumed.  Based on the function and role to the body, food can be classied into four basic roles: (1) yields energy, (2) builds the body, (3) provides protection and regulating the body, (4) maintains health. (read more)

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